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Welcome to MathMix aims to be one of the top sites for helping children, teens and adults to develop their math skills. We strive to cover a wide variety of topics ranging from basic counting and addition through algebra. Eventually our goal is to have topics up through calculus. Each subject contains a variety of lessons to help you or your child learn different math concepts. also provides free math worksheets for you to use at home or in the classroom. For many subjects we include math worksheet generators which allows you to customize and print worksheets to fit a specific target set of problems.

What's New?

In our algebra section, the One Step Equation worksheet generator is one of our most popular generators. Now it has a sibling. We have put out a brand new Two Step Equation Worksheet Generator. It's currently in beta, but check it out today!
* As Always let us know if you have any suggestions for new worksheet generators or any other content by using our contact page.

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Math Mix iPhone App

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