Perimeter Worksheet Generator

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Use the following form to generate worksheets which will help practice skills for finding the perimeter of a variety of shapes.

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The following options are available for creating this worksheet:


Choose the header image that will appear at the top of the worksheet.

Choose Shapes

Choose the shapes that will be used for the worksheet. Currently there are 3 shapes available:
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
More shapes will be added in the future.

Maximum Side Length

Choose the largest possible value for the length of any side of the polygon. This is just a guide, it does not guarantee that the largest side will be 10 or 100. This field is more for setting the difficulty of the addition in the problem.

Number of Problems

This textbox allows you to choose the number of problems you would like to create.
12 problems = 1 page. There is a maximum of 24 problems with a maximum side length of 10 and a maximum of 12 problems with maximum side length of 100.

Show Answer Key

This option will print a second copy of the worksheet with all answers printed as well.

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